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Non-standard applications

UAV technologies have a huge amount of applications.

Our team monitors all trends in UAV industry that’s why we gathered all interesting and unusual applications on this page.

Aerial advertising

Drone LED advertisement in Dnipro

Provides your advertisement unprecedented visibility and captures people’s attention.

Highly-demanded service on public events and in crowded places.

We print an advertising banner taking into account Your preferences and tow it in the air in designated location agreed period of time.

We don’t provide this service if the wind velocity is higher than 5 m/s or in case of dense precipitation.

Aerial advertisement campaign in the night
Drone advertisement in Dnipro
Towing of night aerial advertisement
Towing of an aerial advertisement by quadcopter

Aerial excursion

Aerial excursion over city with quadcopter

This feature gives You a possibility to feel yourself like a bird and to see the world from above.

To reach this effect we use VR goggles which are connected to drone via live broadcast. The drone is steered by seasoned pilot according to agreed flight plan.

This service is used for entertainment and sightseeing. Another application is monitoring and inspection of industrial or agricultural objects e.g. fields, power plants, power lines, hunting grounds, wind turbines, bridges and other.

Aerial excursion in virtual reality goggles
City sightseeing excursion with drone

Ascending of scientific equipment to stratosphere

Equipment launch to stratosphere by gas aerostat

We provide turn-key management, obtaining of airspace use permissions and launching of a sounding-balloon with scientific or other equipment to altitude of 30 km.

Other applications

Birthday greeting with help of quadcopter

AIR company specialists is able to carry out almost any idea You may have connected with UAV technologies. For instance, a marriage offer, friend or spouse greeting and much more.

Contact us and we will do everything we can to help you out!

Present delivery by drone in Dnipro
Пропозиція руки і серця за допомогою дрона
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