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Flight school

Nowadays UAVs of different level become more and more popular and affordable among people.

But after making an expensive purchase its smarter to learn how to fly correctly in our flight school rather than learn on Your own mistakes.

Our specialists have a huge experience of flight on different types of UAVs and will help you to discover all ins and outs of flight planning, flight performing, aviation legislation and more.

Undergoing flight training in AIR company – is a guarantee of cost and time saving, safe and legal flights!

Flight training program includes

• Basics of UAV piloting and steering
• Basics of aerial photo and video shooting
• Provision of flight safety during UAV flights
• Basics of aviation meteorology and meteorological phenomena influence on UAV
• Basics of aviation laws and UAV local regulations in Ukraine
• Basics of UAV flights provision with air navigation information

The training course consists of theoretical and practical parts.
After successful training completion attendees get corresponding certificate.

Studying form and price

practice on Your own UAV
practice on AIR company’s UAV

group training
(2-5 people)

1000 UAH/person

group training
(2-5 people)

1300 UAH/person

individual training

1500 UAH/person

individual training

1800 UAH/person

It is possible to learn specifically one or several themes You are interested in.
The price is a subject of negotiations.

AIR flight training will help you avoid the typical mistakes of beginners, save time,
and as a result, flying in joy without additional material costs!

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